How can we grow our reputation?

Reputation is important to us. Our ambition to flourish is measured by being successful in fulfilling our academic mission and feeling proud of our achievements. Along with Scottish taxpayers, our graduates (70% of whom are paying their own fees) are literally invested in our University and as alumni, their appreciation and pride reflects the external reputation of our institution. Similarly, and importantly, employers place great store in the […] Read More

Principals Blog 2 DEC 2021

Encounters with a Confetti Cannon

In a moving address at our Dubai Graduations this week, Syed Uzir (President of the Heriot-Watt Dubai Student Council) shared with the many hundreds of guests attending the four ceremonies the power of pausing to take time to celebrate, express thanks and acknowledge distance travelled. It had the feel of a special moment of clocking hard work and determination of students, challenging circumstances for families, respect and appreciation […] Read More

Principals Blog 25 NOV 2021

Celebrating Collaboration

Over the last two weeks, I have been encountering many examples of collaborations within our community of staff and students. So many activities are often hidden, ranging from volunteering in support of external organisations and for people with needs. Then other collaborations made in establishing connections and partnerships are critical in making things happen within our educational and research endeavours. The remembrance activities I mentioned in my last […] Read More

Principals Blog 11 NOV 2021

Remembrance Day

A reminder of why international collaboration is so essential. The activities at the beginning of COP26 last week have emphasised that addressing climate change is a global issue, not one solved by a single nation and that it requires collaboration and understanding of a range of complex issues. As a University that has reached out across the globe for two hundred years, Heriot-Watt is especially well-placed – and […] Read More

Principals Blog 3 November 2021

Being globally fossil-free within a generation – a perspective

“I believe that the greatest contribution we can make to climate change as a University lies in the power of educating people to understand and make wise decisions for the future and through the research we undertake (in technology, social sciences and economics)” With the start of COP26, the eyes of the world are on Glasgow as leaders from across the globe gather. There is hope – and, […] Read More