Strategy 2025

Our strategy has been developed by our global community of staff, students, alumni and partners. It is not the strategy of a university centred in one location with an international outlook, but of a global university based in multiple locations each successful and all connected. It is based on our special character and positions us to tackle the new challenges that face higher education in the period ahead. Our highly distinctive personality makes us strong, and our capabilities and expertise enable us to serve the future needs of society. Our new strategy expresses our goal: to educate our students to flourish in their learning and life skills, and for our University to deliver research and enterprise with profound impact on the communities that we serve.

Our strategy is based on our heritage, our expertise, our relevance, and our global presence. We know what we are good at, and we know we have created exciting new infrastructure and opportunities for ourselves; now we must make the very most of them, imaginatively and energetically.

We will work together to ensure its delivery and through it the continued future success of Heriot-Watt University.