Our new Heriot-Watt values

Our New Values

We have had a huge amount of very helpful feedback on our values and it’s clear that the values we’ve had for the last 7 years have resonated with many of our colleagues. It is also clear that there is support for a refresh. Having consulted widely, there was no consensus on the form or individual words the values should include, but we were able to identify general principles to guide our […] Read More

Our Heriot-Watt Values

Our Values Matter

During the extensive consultations we’ve been doing for Strategy 2025, we’ve heard from you that our values matter. As we launch a new strategy for the whole university we are therefore refreshing the way in which we articulate our values. In ensuring that Strategy 2025 builds on our values, two themes have recurred in multiple workshops and meetings. The first is that Strategy 2025 should see Heriot-Watt operate […] Read More